James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond a Hip Hop Manager Arrested for Allegedly Running a Cocaine Trafficking Ring

The Wall Street Journal on June 21, 2011 released the following story:

“By Pervais Shallwani and Sean Gardiner

Federal agents arrested the manager of several big-name hip hop artists after a foot chase in Manhattan on Tuesday.

James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, who had been a fugitive from the law for the past month, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals after they discovered that he had been staying at the W Hotel in Union Square. When he spotted the agent, Rosemond, 46 years old and the head of Czar Entertainment, started walking quickly and then ran for several blocks before being tackled and arrested at 21st Street and Park Avenue.

Rosemond has been accused of being the leader of a “large-scale, bi-coastal narcotics trafficking organization that shipped cocaine” from Los Angeles to New York, according to a 21-page federal complaint. The Rosemond Organization, as his alleged network is called in the document, “distributed hundreds of kilograms of cocaine since 2008 and generated millions of dollars through its narcotics sales.” Some of the cocaine was “packaged in vaccum-sealing and covered in mustard” to avoid being detected by narcotics-sniffing dogs, the complaint alleges.

Rosemond pleaded not guilty to intentionally conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. He was ordered held without bail.

His attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, said, “This indictment was built on the backs of witnesses that have been threatened and bribed by federal prosecutors. And I plan to expose all of it. If the government wants a fight, they’re going to get a fight.”

Rosemond’s Czar Entertainment manages artists like Game, Brandy and Mario Winans. According to the criminal complaint, Rosemond disguised some shipments of drugs as “freight that was ostensibly needed by the performance artists he managed.”

Last week, a convicted killer namd Dexter Isaac claimed Rosemond hired him in 1994 to rob rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shot coming out of a Times Square recording studio. Shakur survived that shooting but was murdered two years later.

Lichtman called Isaac a “liar” and alleged he is only motivated by trying to reduce his jail sentence.

In Brooklyn federal court Tuesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky argued for no bail, alleging that when Rosemond was arrested he had a “fugitive’s tool kit” on him. The prosecutor said Rosemond was in the final stages of obtaining a fake passport and had a airplane ticket to the Bahamas for the morning of June 24.

Kaminsky said Rosemond was carrying five Blackberries, an iPad and two false driver’s licenses on him — a California drivers license with his photo and a fake name and a New York drivers license belonging to someone else. Kaminsky said the hip hop manager also had an application for a fast passport using the information on the New York driver’s license.

Tuesday’s arrest comes two months after federal authorities tried to serve an arrest warrant on Rosemond, but arrived to find he was not there, Kaminsky said.

Mr. Lichtman said the reason his client may have seemed like he was on the run was because he has been harassed for three years. “I don’t blame him for being anxious,” the attorney said.”

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