Federal Pretrial Services Cases Show Steady Growth

The Federal Judiciary on July 13, 2011 released the following press release:

“The number of criminal defendants supervised under the federal judiciary’s pretrial services system has grown each of the last five fiscal years.

The number of pretrial services cases activated in FY 2006 was 94,853, and that number grew to 110,647 in FY 2010, the 12 month-period ending September 30, 2010.

Other FY totals: 96,259 in 2007; 98,244 in 2008; and 104,217 in 2009.

Furthermore, the number of pretrial services cases activated by federal pretrial services officers increased in eight of the past 10 fiscal years.

The totals were 85,617 in 2000, 86,140 in 2001, 89,421 in 2002, 95,492 in 2003, 94,152 in 2004, and 97,508 in 2005.

Congress authorized “demonstration” pretrial services agencies in 1974 with a goal to reduce crime by persons released to the community pending trial and to reduce unnecessary pretrial detention. President Ronald Reagan signed the Pretrial Services Act of 1982, which expanded the system judiciary-wide.”

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