Raj Rajaratnam Checked into Devens Federal Medical Center (FMC Devens)

Devens Federal Medical Center
Photo By Elise Amendola
Devens Federal Medical Center

Business Insider on December 6, 2011 released the following:

“Raj Rajaratnam’s New Neighbors In Prison Are A Bunch Of High-Level Sex Offenders

By: Julia La Roche

Disgraced Galleon chief Raj Rajaratnam vacated his luxury Sutton Place apartment in Manhattan yesterday and checked into federal prison that houses high-level sex offenders.

Rajaratnam’s new abode at the Devens Federal Medical Center houses nearly 1,000 inmates. A significant portion of those inmates are sex offenders who require intensive, therapeutic treatment, while others suffer from severe substance abuse, according to Bureau of Prison’s website[].

The hedge fund manager, who was convicted of orchestrating the largest insider trading scheme in history, will at least begin his 11 year prison sentence at Devens.

That’s because Rajaratnam, a diabetic who requires dialysis, will need a facility to suit his health needs. Devens has its own dialysis treatment center on site.

According to Ed Bales, a managing director for Federal Prison Consultants, Rajaratnam probably won’t have to do any manual labor right away because of his health and he may never have to work during his sentence.

“He’s going to be reviewed because of his medical conditions,” Bale told Business Insider. “They won’t put him to work right away. He’s going to be sitting around loafing.”

For entertainment at Devens, there are recreational rooms, but no individual televisions in the cells, Bale said. There are gym facilities the inmates can use, but they are limited with equipment choices because they aren’t suppose to bulk up, he added.

“It’s a very mundane lifestyle — not too much excitement.””


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