News International faces FBI phone hacking probe

The Telegraph on January 20, 2012 released the following:

“Rupert Murdoch’s is facing an FBI investigation into phone hacking in America after News International admitted intercepting voicemails of Jude Law, the actor, while it is thought he was in the United States.

By Mark Hughes, Raf Sanchez

Yesterday the company paid the actor £130,000 after accepting that it had published stories gleaned from hacking his phone.

One of the articles News International accepted had come from phone hacking was a 2003 story in the News of the World which referred to telephone calls Law’s assistant Ben Jackson had made to him when he arrived at an airport.

It is believed the airport was John F. Kennedy airport in New York.

News International’s admission has led the US authorities to investigate whether a crime took place on American soil.

It is thought the possibility that Law’s phone was using an American network at the time could lead to offences having been committed under US law.

The FBI has confirmed that it is looking into the allegations.

An FBI spokesman said: “We aware of the allegations of surrounding this matter and are looking into it.”

The spokesman refused to confirm whether Law has already been interviewed over the matter. Law’s agent Sara Keene also refused to comment.

An FBI investigation would be further embarrassment for Rupert Murdoch.

The phone hacking scandal has so far been largely confined to the UK.

A separate investigation in the US would be extremely damaging to Mr Murdoch given that his News Corporation media empire is based there.

Law’s solicitor, Mark Thomson, refused to disclose where the airport was, or whether Mr Law had been on US soil when his phone was hacked.

However a statement read to the court references a News of the world article, published in 2003 which “even referred to phone calls that the claimant’s assistant had made to the claimant on arrival at an airport.”

An article published on September 7 2003 in the NotW refers to calls made by Mr Jackson to Law shortly after he arrived at New York’s JFK airport.”


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