FBI Terrorism Agents Raid Home in FL

Wesh.com on January 20, 2012 released the following:

“Neighbors Believe Couple In Home Involved In Sovereign Citizens Group

LAKE MARY, Fla. — FBI terrorism agents raided a local home Thursday afternoon after an investigation that spanned several months.

Authorities with the FBI said agents went into the home on Autumn Oaks Place in Lake Mary.

Agents seized computers and bags of evidence in the raid. Neighbors said they believe the family who lives in the home is part of an anti-government movement. If so, the FBI said it believes that’s domestic terrorism.

“It’s not something you see here in Lake Mary on an everyday basis,” said neighbor Jim Famiglietti.

“They even had robots out here, almost like a movie almost,” said neighbor Evelyn Briggs.

A federal raid on the Autumn Oaks Place home rocked The Hills of Lake Mary subdivision. It also had people wondering what landed their neighbors on the FBI terrorism task force’s radar.

“It’s kind of shocking, actually. People make mistakes, but you just don’t know,” said Famiglietti.

“They’re just different, quiet, don’t mingle with the rest of the neighbors,” said Briggs.

The FBI said the raid was part of an investigation that’s been going on for months. It said it is analyzing several items agents seized with their search warrant.

Neighbors said they believe the couple is part of a movement called Sovereign Citizens, which protests paying taxes.

“Maybe some tax protesting and that kind of thing. People protest all the time in this country, and it’s your right. I don’t think the FBI would come in with that kind of fire power,” said Famiglietti.

But the FBI listed Sovereign Citizens among the nation’s top domestic terror threats. By some estimates, there are as many as 300,000 of the anti-government extremists in the country.

Neighbors hope the raid will put their fears to rest.

“I kind of hope it’s all a mistake,” said Famiglietti.

Neighbors said the couple and their three kids had been home during the raid. No one was arrested. The FBI said its investigation continues.”


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